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Assessment Services


Strengths & Difficulties (SDQ)

The SDQ is a screening questionnaire used with 4-16 year-olds and completed by parents, teachers, and the children/young people themselves. It consists of 25 questions relating to behavious and mood, an impact supplement, and some follow-up questions. The whole questionnaire takes around 10 minutes to complete and the results provie a good measure of any risk for an underlying disorder. It is cheap, effective, and easy to administer and score. It is thus ideal for large scale screening in school for example and can be used to identify more complex cases requiring further investigation.

Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule

The Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) is a semi-structured assessment of communication, social interaction, and play (or imaginative use of materials) for individuals suspected of having autism or other pervasive developmental disorders. It takes around 50 minutes to complete but cannot be done online.Togther with the ADI(r), the ADOS provides a comprehensive assessment of social functioning. Assessers must be specially trained and qualified, and their results moderated by expert practitioners. SWBGlobal may be able to identify qualified assessers in your area.

DIVA 2.0

The DIVA 2.0 is a tried and trusted screening tool for adult ADHD which is used throughout the world. It takes around 90 minutes to complete and can be accessed online through Skype interview, thus saving travel time and cost. A DIVA 2.0 assessment supports the diagnostic process and can lead to treatment and recommendations for support aimed at reducing daily dysfunction (e.g. drug, alcohol, and substance use; employment and relationship difficulties, risk-taking behaviours).

Development & Well Being Assessment

The DAWBA is a comprehensive screening tool with proven diagnostic properties which is completed online by children/young people, parents/carers, and teachers.The parent questionnaire takes around 90 minutes to complete, a process asisted by skip questions and open text answers for more detailed responses. Young people respond well to this format and often disclose information that they have not provided to family members or clinicians, and it is thus very useful in identifying mood disorders.The reliability of the DAWBA has been demonstrated through research as being highly reliable in terms of sensitivity and specificity. (Sample report)

ADHD Child Evaluation

The ACE assessment for childhood ADHD was developed by Dr Suzy Young, one of the world’s leading experts in ADHD. It involves a series of questions which identify both symptoms and impairment and is aligned to the ICD 10 and DSM5 classifications of disease used in most countries.The ACE has been validated as a reliable measure of ADHD risk and is thus a powerful tool in the assessment process.Dr Young’s services can be accessed directly at Psychology-Services.

Forensic Services

Our team of experts has considerable experience in high-profile forensic cases in which offending behaviours may have contributed to contact withe the criminal justice system. An accurate diagnosis can support courts in their judgement about culpability, and an expert witness report can have a major bearing on likely outcomes. Contact us in confidence for a confidential discussion.

Autism Diagnostic Interview (revised)

The ADIr is the ‘gold standard’ diagnostic interview for the assessment of autism risk. It takes around 3 hours to complete and can be delivered in clinic, at home, or via a telecomm link (phone/Skype).Questions relate to current behaviours but also consider the full developmental history, and in particular, observed behaviours between the ages of 4 and 5.The comprehensive report provides scoring against cut-off criteria which can determine the level of risk for autism. Together with the ADOS, the ADIr gives a reliable indication of ASD risk and it recommended for all specialist assessments for both children and adults. (Sample report)(Sample scoring)


The ACE+ has been developed as an adult ADHD screener and is beneficial in supporting patients seeking diagnostic support and treatment. It consists of a structured interview which examines symptoms and impairment, in the context of adult (rather than school) functioning. Questions are designed to examine social function, employment performance, lifestyle behaviours and past developmental history/school performance. It is a reliable and highly respected screening tool and is used across the world (translated into multiple languages).

Comprehensive Autism Assessment

A full autism assessment involves a battery of specialised tools such as the ADOS, ADI(r), school observation, speech language and communication assessment. Whilst the ADOS (see above) must be completed in clinic or at home/school,