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SWBGlobal was established by professionals to address the unmet need of families seeking help with children and young people affected by mental health difficulties and developmental disorders. At a time of crisis in CAMHS, the service aims to provide high quality/low cost assessment for key decision-makers so that planning is informed by clincially proven methodologies, rather than superficial judgement of what are often complex needs.

All professionals contributing to the service are fully qualified in their respective fields and undertake continuing professional development to ensure that their clinical judgements reflect the latest understanding of psychological, psychiatric and neurodevelopmental conditions as detailed in the International Classification of Disease 11 (ICD 11) and the Diagnostic Statistical Manual 5 (DSM 5).

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Diagnostic Screening

The Development & Wellbeing Assessment (DAWBA) is a globally recognised screening/diagnostic tool for indentifying a broad range of developmental disorders and psychiatric conditions affecting children and young people. It consists of an on-line structured interview with follow-up consultation, and generates a rating that supports further assessment for specific diagnoses and complex comorbidities.

Adult ADHD

It is now known that around 2/3rds of children with ADHD will continue to have significant difficulties in adulthood. Chief amongst these are problems with substance use, anxiety, depression, employment difficulties, and volatile relationships. The DIVA 2.0 is used to screen for adult ADHD and provides a relaible base for a full diagnosis.


National guidance recommends the use of gold-standard assessment tools such as the Autism Diagnostic Interview (revised) or ADIR, and the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS). Both are available through the sevice and form the basis of all diagnostic reports. The ADOS cannot be completed online.

Specific Learning Difficulties

Many children and young people emerge from the education system with undiagnosed difficulties with both literacy and numeracy. Testing is not difficult nor time-consuming.

Where appropriate, cognitive tests can demonstrate the origins of under-achievement and point towards as yet unfulfilled potential.

Child & adolescent ADHD

ADHD affects 3-7% of the school-age population but is under-recognised, under-diagnosed, and therefore under-treated in the UK. SWBGlobal uses a range of diagnostic tools to support, including the ADHD Child Evaluation (ACE).

Speech, Language & Communication

In order to learn, and in order to develop strong social connections, children and young people require a level of skill in processing both receptive and expressive language. Where deficits arise, learning and social development can be impaired. A battery of screening tools can first identify broader needs before pin-pointing specific areas requiring expert intervention.


There is no heavier burden than an unfulfilled potential
— Charles Schulz


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